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Aston Martin On the Road Cleaning Kit

Aston Martin On the Road Cleaning Kit


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Get your Aston Martin looking pristine with this on the road cleaning kit.

Featuring quick finish detailing spray, quick interior finish, tires and rubber dressing, glass cleaner, and a brush, this kit is perfect for keeping your car in mint condition on-the-go. Drive with confidence and style wherever you go with this essential cleaning kit.

This kit includes prestigious products from Swiss Vax:

1 x Bottle Quick Finish
1 x Bottle Pneu Tires and rubber dressing
1 x Bottle Quick Interior Finish
1 x Bottle Glass Cleaner
1 x Brush
2 x Microfiber Towels
2 x Woven Microfiber towels for glass cleaning

The kit is easily stored in an Aston Martin branded carrying bag.

QUICK INTERIOR FINISH Quick detailer for all interior surfaces (except textiles)
- Quick and effortless cleaning and maintenance of automotive interiors
- Removes dirt, dust, grease, fingerprints across all materials
- Applicable to plastics, precious woods, leather, carbon and metal surfaces
- 250ml

PNEU Tire Dressing
- Creates deep black shiny tire walls
- Mist onto dry tires and let dry or applicate with PNEU Brush
- Replaces lost moisture and prevents cracking
- Safe for rims and paint surfaces
- 250ml

QUICK FINISH, Quick Detailer and Cleaning Spray for All Surfaces (except textiles)
- Effortlessly removes dust, grease, dirt, fingerprints or bird droppings - without water
- Ideal for lightly soiled surfaces
- The perfect quick-detailer for on the go
- 250ml

CRYSTAL glass cleaner
- Highly effective, ready-to-use glass and mirror cleaner
- Fast and streak-free cleaning
- Suitable for tinted windows and window films
- 250ml

MICRO-POLISH Microfiber towel blue:
- Particularly suitable for the finish of waxed surfaces or onboard screens
- The round shape of each individual microfiber supports the polishing process (unlike purely cleaning microfiber towels that would remove the wax again)
- The cloth has no hem and is perfectly safe for use on particularly scratch-sensitive surfaces

MICRO-ABSORB Microfiber towel pink:
- The all-rounder cloth perfectly balanced between cleaning and polishing
- Good absorption of dirt, dust and grease residues
- Laser-cut hem without scratchy edges

- Finely woven microfibers for quick and residue-free cleaning of glasses and mirrors
- Lint-free and without hem, safe to use on wrapped or coated panes, too
- Use the small cloth for pre-cleaning with SWISSVAX Crystal and the larger cloth for drying

- Economical and even application of the SWISSVAX PNEU/Tire care
- Targeted application without loss of product. (Dressing Brush)
- Perfect for side wall profiles and tire labeling, too
- Great for engine detailing/application of MOTOR SHINE

Keep your car looking brand new with this professional-grade kit.


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