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Rolls-Royce Dawn Cowling, The Tonneau Cover

Rolls-Royce Dawn Cowling, The Tonneau Cover


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Uncompromising design and lightweight construction, Dawn Aero Cowling, the tonneau cover effortlessly transforms your four-seater socialite into a sleek two-seater athlete.

Stylish and innovative, it reawakens the exhilaration of the open road.

The Dawn Aero Cowling Tonneau Cover protects the rear seats and reduces air movement inside the vehicle whilst driving with the soft top open.
The soft top still functions smoothly, unaffected by the Tonneau Cover.
It flaunts an array of benefits such as integrated and lockable storage compartments.
The Tonneau Cover can also be customized and trimmed to harmonize or challenge the main leather color of your vehicle.

Stylish and innovative, the exhilaration of the open road is refined.

- The Aero Cowling tonneau cover can easily be removed by the customer if required.
- When off the car, the unit can be stored in the supplied storage bag to protect it from dirt and dust.
- When the unit is removed, the rear headrests which are stored in the leather bag at the front of the load space, must be refitted
- The bag will always be finished in black leather regardless of boot carpet color.
- Weighs less than twenty kilograms.

The aerodynamically sculpted cowls are designed to manage airflow and ensure a calm and unruffled environment for front seat occupants at speed.
The twin cowls also feature separately lockable storage compartments for items which one might want to access quickly whilst touring
Function of the soft-top is unaffected by fitment of the unit and the roof can be raised and lowered as normal with it in place


- Arctic White
- Black
- Cobalto Blue
- Consort Red
- Creme Light
- Dark Spice
- Hotspur Red
- Magnolia
- Mandarin
- Mocassin
- Mugello Red
- Navy Blue
- Oatmeal
- Seashell
- Tailored Purple
- Tan
- Turchese

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